Why should I book a professional photographer?

Experience is our chief advantage. Years of professional activity have brought us the now-how necessary to deal with all challenges inherent in a wedding event. Location is not the only source of possible difficulties. There are plenty of other aspects to factor in. Weather comes with its share of unpredictability, and there is also the human factor: let’s not forget the stress and the excitement of bride and groom, as well as the guests with their expectations, curiosities and whatever other moods and mindsets. Professional photographers are proficient technicians and artists of what they do, who need to prove social skills developed such as to make everyone they interact with feel comfortable – not everyone feels at ease when asked to be taken a picture. We know how to blend in, we use the most advanced equipment on the market and we have learned, in time, how to deal with the unexpected – how to cope with event-specific circumstances no one has seen coming, both technically and socially.

How many photographers will be photographing my wedding?

The size of the operating team can vary depending on the amplitude of the event you organize. Small, intimate weddings might require the presence of a single photographer. Obviously, large weddings will be better taken care of by additional photographers we can hire in order to accompany our standard two-people team. We, however, prefer to work as a team – a second pair of eyes and hands are all the more useful when the main demand is to immortalize as much as possible of the event.

What is your style?

Our belief is clients should get what they ask for. This is why we practice the style that fits better their demands. The palette of wedding photography styles we offer includes the following:

Creative Wedding Photography

Creative wedding photography is our strongest suit. Creative shots are the favourites of couples who want to distinguish their memories from the standard frames. Ideal for customers who look for unique compositions to pair well with the exceptional quality of the experience. We also take pride in making the spouses in the making feel at ease, directing their stances and expressions, in case they go for a more theatrical approach. You don’t have to be a professional model to look good in our pictures – your pictures, in fact – we know how to get the best of your potential, regardless of your experience in front of the camera.

Those 10 to 15 minutes away from the crowd in our company will take the pressure off and, as most of our clients confess, will help you relax and resume the event with a new source of enthusiasm and energy.

Reportage Wedding Photography

What is remarkable about reportage, photo-journalistic or candid wedding photography is it has the greatest ability to tell the story of the wedding. Of course, it tells it in images, images which do not adulterate the rhythm, the emotional tonus or the vibe of the participants.

Because people are not aware they are being photographed, the realism of the shots is guaranteed. From tears to laughter, from practical jokes to exquisitely directed ceremonial scenarios, everything is conveyed such as to closely render the “film” of the day.

Traditional Wedding Photography

Tradition is not something you want to rule out from the first place simply because it seems like a thing of the past, even if you are the most forward-looking of all spouses to be. Neither is traditional wedding photography. This style is no longer about arranging people in groups such as to look well in the picture. It’s more about standard group shots with a twist.

We boast of taking standard shots to a new level of fun. We do it quickly such as not to bore you and your guests. We reinvent traditional wedding photography by keeping it short and… fun. Even with older guests, who cling on what photography used to be in their heydays.

This is our vision of traditional photography: we keep the technical part unchanged, but we spice it up with laughs and relaxation.

Will you photograph group shots?

Definitely, we are completely open to group shots. But that will require the person who is in charge with managing the event to do some extra work: keeping a list with the groups and rounding up people at the reception in order to streamline the shooting.

The shooting proper is a matter of seconds – minutes, tops – but rounding up the people at the reception is the time consuming issue. So, the better the organization, the faster the process.

We would like some special photographs of the two of us, is this possible?

Because the entire event gravitates around the bride and groom, it’s only natural for the happy couple to want some of the pictures to focus on the “central characters”. We are happy to help you in this matter.

To be in the limelight, as rewarding as it might be, can sometimes be stressful and annoying. Our bride and groom sessions – two or three throughout the day – will allow you to take a break and relax. We choose the moments of the shooting sessions according to how the light creates photographic opportunities and unique moments. Creative for us, relaxing for you – this is how we define the short shooting getaways with the newlyweds.

What happens if it rains on our wedding day?

For professionals like us, difficulties – such as sudden weather changes, rainfall that might dampen down your spirit – are nothing but opportunities for creative work. As said before, experience is on our side: we have both the equipment and the skill to make the best of any situation. Even if most of the photos will be shot indoors.

Are you insured?

We are in the business of photography, where competition is fierce and technical advancements are the rule. We not only keep posted with all novelties in the field, but we also keep an eye on the legal aspects of the business. This is why, rest assured, we hold full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

I would like to book you to photograph my wedding. What do I do next?

The booking process is quite simple. First of all, you need to contact us in order to find out if we are free on the date of the event. If so, you need to pay a deposit (usually minimum 25%) to secure the date. The rest of the payment must be made until no later than 4 weeks before the date of the event.

Keep in mind you can also ask to browse through our portfolio in order to see what our work so far amounts to in terms of quality, and see if our style pairs well with your expectations.


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