About us

Who we are?

Swan Studio is a professional photography and videography studio addressing to people who want to make the best of their attempt to eternalize the special moments that mark their lives: baptism, engagement, wedding, senior festivities, conferences included.

Our pool of clients is virtually limitless: we are available to operate all over the world, servicing people regardless of borders.

We take pride in an increasing portfolio that benefits us with reputation both in the London area and beyond it. Our 20-year experience has taught us that finesse, professionalism, creativity, style, seriousness, a drop of humor and above all, originality, map the success in our field and guarantee clients’ appreciation and gratitude.

Where we are?

Headquartered in the London area, Swan Studio operates in Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, and further away in Birmingham, Oxford and Ipswich.

But geographical boundaries are no limits to us. We readily answer to requests sent by people all over the world, who recognize in our style their expectations and their own appetite for good taste in photography and cinematography.

Our values


While we keep true to the timeless guidelines of style in photography and cinematography, we never cease to look for something new. Every event is unique, so we try to approach it such as to highlight its singularity. Hence, creativity is crucial to our work: on site while shooting and filming, or post-event, when processing the raw material.

Professionalism and Heartiness

We never stall, we always answer in due time to all requests. Our terms and conditions are clearly stated, and we undertake to operate accordingly.

As serious as they are, our professionals know how to blend in and become a part of clients’ life event, instead ofmere service providers: cheerful when they must, formal if required, discreet according to circumstances, they take on the vibe of the event, comply with possible dress codes and honor customers’ highest expectations.


We use state-of-the-art cameras and adjoining equipment, we are ready to cope with the unexpected (weather changes, changes in sets and locations, etc.) and we spare no efforts to make the best of the raw material. Our unique goal: sheer exquisiteness, delivered as promised to each and every client.

Our Services

Whatever the occasion you feel like capturing, may it be a wedding ceremony, and engagement party, a seniors ceremony, baptism, or conference, Swan Studio can become the ally you count on in order to seize the uniqueness of the event.


Photography is how Swan Studio has started out from the first place. Passion, ambition, study, the will to learn and to keep up with the ever so changing world of technology have turned us into professional photographers who can rightfully boast of being able to cope with virtually all sorts of requests.

Our styles range from creative to traditional, but we also customize our routine to clients’ specifications. Keeping an open mind is one of our chief values.

Swan Studio is offering all inclusive packages. Please contact us for more information.


Somewhat symbolical, photographs capture the lyrical vibe of the moment. For clients with a penchant for the narrative of the event, film making is the better of the two packages of services we offer.

Cinematography is a complementary manner of immortalizing the occasion, and we are proud to say we are all geared up to meet clients’ requests in this respect. Our team is skilled in the art of cinematography: all the essentials of the event will be captured, stressing on the moments that bring color, life, emotion and personality to any occasion.

Swan Studio is offering full on Cinematography to combine with photography and create the love story that you have dreamed of. Please contact us for more info.

Julian Stoica

Julian Stoica

With the ability to make anyone feel and look glamorous in front of the camera, Julian’s imagery is a mixture of soul, imagination and technical skill. Whether shooting a glamour session or a lifestyle portrait, Julian has developed the ability to see what other don’t and bring out the best in any situation.

Gabriel Caranicola

Gabriel Caranicola
film maker

Gabriel knows that vision in filmmaking is more important than a pair of eyes, so for about 7 years he has unceasingly refined his skills and his technique. The narrative of the event is impeccably rendered by his creations, making first time viewers feel the emotion of the event, and participants to relive the spectrum of passions and excitement they felt at first hand while attending the event.

Dante Stoica

Dante Stoica

Dante’s enthusiasm in photography began 25 years ago and he has mastered the craft of capture, retouching and dark room techniques and then adopted the digital technology. His style is to make everyone look beautiful and to create magic moments instead of waiting for them.

Alex Stoica

Alex Stoica
Photographer and Film Maker

Creativity, passion for technology and attention to detail are the qualities that will help him find a good setting, ideal angle, good light and ultimately achieve a great photo to wow the client.